Local Search – 5 Musts for Google My Business

When it comes to Google My Business, we all want to be leaders of The Pack.

What does it mean to be in Google’s pack? The first 3 prominent results that Google displays in local search results is called the Local Pack. The rest of the listings are found in the Local Finder when you click View All. 

Cocktails near me google pack display

There are several factors that go into getting your listing included in the coveted pack position. 

  1. Your Primary Category – Make sure you select the correct category for your business. After that, add as many secondary categories that apply. These will also help you get found. For instance in the example above the search query “Cocktails near me” is pulling up those restaurants secondary categories of Bar & Cocktail Bar. 
  2. Proximity to search performed – This is something you cannot control. Google will base search results on how close you are to the person performing the search. 
  3. Number and quality of Reviews – Positive reviews with text that mention your important keywords are the most valuable in local search. When asking for reviews from your customers, ask them to talk about the service or products they purchased and what made them exceptional. In the case of a restaurant, ask them to talk about their favorite dish or cocktail so that other diners can benefit from their experience. It works.Be sure to Respond to reviews – This is more for conversion than it is for getting found in local search. Respond to good and bad reviews. This shows new visitors and Google that you are a reputable business that cares about its customers.
  4.  Regular Content – Add post updates, blog posts, offers, events on a regular basis. The more built-out your page is, the better it will convert into new customers.You’ll see in the Google results above that for B2 Bistro they grabbed a line from one of their posts “These would go great with one of our signature cocktails – to -go” If there is a match between a search query and the content within a Google Post, then a blue cog circle with an exclamation mark inside will show up next to the results.

    Remember that posts on GMB are only featured for one week. GMB has started sending email reminders when your post is about to expire which is handy for keeping your posting consistent.

  5. Add Photos – It’s important to have relevant and recent photos added to your listing. This is especially helpful for restaurants who can show off new menu items, cocktails, atmosphere, seasonal decor and more. 

Local search is only becoming more and more important as customers rely on their mobile devices and Google for suggestions on just about everything. Use the tips above to rise to the leader of the pack in your area. 

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