About Us

We were waist-deep in social media before people knew it existed

Long before Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, there were message boards, chat rooms and email groups. In 1998, Foxtrot Media founder, Deborah Smith, used these ancestors of social media to launch her first business, which owned and operated several websites serving the nanny industry.

In 2007, Deborah launched JerseyBites.com, a popular collaborative blog that features restaurant reviews, recipe sharing, and food-related events throughout New Jersey. She soon began using Twitter and Facebook to build a following for Jersey Bites, later introducing Instagram and Pinterest. Today, Jersey Bites has over 50,000 combined followers and fans. Jersey Bites' success recently led to a cookbook deal with Quirkbooks. The Jersey Shore Cookbook was released in April, 2016 and after 2 short months made it to Publishers Weekly top 20 Hardcover, Nonfiction bestsellers in the country.

Today, Deborah leads a team of food fanatics at Foxtrot Media. Skilled in all things social media and public relations, they use lessons learned from years of experience, as well as the latest social media trends, to help restaurants harness the power of today's marketing tools from the very basics to the most advanced.

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Our Standards

Always Custom, Never Cookie Cutter

Social Media and Content Development must be unique to the client and authentic. We do not recycle or reuse content between clients. Your marketing strategy and content is 100% you.

Most Up to Date Information and Standards

We keep your website, blog and social media accounts up to the latest in security and industry standards.

Personal & Regular Attention

We don't believe in hand offs. When you sign on with Foxtrot Media, you have a team dedicated to your business. Monthly reporting will keep you abreast of what is working and weekly or bi-weekly calls keep everyone on the team moving in the right direction.

Why Choose Us


We practice what we preach.

Blogging and social media is something we use successfully for our own marketing on a daily basis. We don’t just preach the rewards, we reap them and we know how to do the same for you.


We are just right.

If you are looking for big agency services at big agency prices, you’re in the wrong chair Goldie. We like to stay lean and mean, so our clients can afford the perfect fit.


We love to listen.

Talk to us. Tell us your story. We want to learn everything about you and your company, so our story telling touches the hearts, minds and imaginations of everyone you reach.


We've got your back.

If you need guidance, new ideas and decades of professional experience, we can’t wait to be on your team. Telling your story is just half the job. Protecting your story, is the other half. Your reputation is our number one priority.