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Social Media

Social media marketing for restaurants is a 24/7 – J.O.B.

How we work

First by visiting your location and taking gorgeous photos and video of your food, cocktails, atmosphere, servers, private party spaces and anything else that catches our eyes and we think your future guests would like to see. There is no additional charge for our photography. It comes with our monthly fee.

Next – We craft a weekly calendar for you within our super cool software that allows us to generate a link for our clients to quickly and easily click and review the week of posts. Approve or leave feedback right within the software. It’s so simple and our clients love it.

With many of our clients we have earned their trust to the point that they no longer ask to review content. That’s completely up to each individual.

Lastly – we research appropriate hashtags to ensure added exposure and we use our own social media accounts to amplify your organic posts.

Our social media services are designed to build lasting relationships with our clients while saving you time, money, resources and a whole lot of frustration.

Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

There is no better way to drive awareness and engagement than through creative ad campaigns. Gone are the days of depending on organic reach but that’s okay. Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram are highly targeted and incredibly cost effective.

Below is a quote from a client after just 2 weeks into our first paid ad campaign on his behalf. Total spend at this point


"We engaged Foxtrot Media right from the beginning. Their experience in the restaurant space is invaluable. From the moment we opened our doors, we had media attention, paid ads going and we were completely booked."

-- Luigi Tripodi, Luigino's Parmigiana, Montclair NJ --


Ongoing traditional PR. See our success stories

We believe that PR should be ongoing. Yes, it’s great to get an article written about your restaurant opening, but then what? Journalist need to keep you top of mind for whenever they are doing a story whether on Mother’s Day or outdoor dining, Thanksgiving or cool private event spaces. We keep our clients in front of journalist in both online and print media so that your restaurant receives ongoing mentions throughout the year.

Our clients also enjoy the added bonus of guaranteed publicity on JerseyBites.com.

Recent Media Mentions to demonstrate what we mean by “ongoing.”


As managing partner of a 5 unit restaurant group I feel their services, attention to detail and professionalism are an asset to our operation. The entire team, lead by Deb Smith, have created a social media awareness and presence for our brand that is unprecedented in its performance and results.

- Stephen Valentine -

Photography & Video

Gorgeous photos & video is part of the package

In today’s fast-moving social media world, excellent photos and videos are absolutely critical for restaurant promotion. It’s just not enough to have a few nice images on your website. Consumers are using social media in place of websites. 

You need hundreds of photos and videos for fresh content on your social channels. 

Many of our photos have ended up heading stories in Newspapers and online media, offering our clients fantastic exposure. See example on Thrillist for our client The Bonney Read in Asbury Park.


Review monitoring, timely responses to questions, comments & feedback from guests

Social media is so much more than posting pretty pictures. It’s how your customers and potential customers interact with your brand on a regular basis and it can’t be ignored.

When working with Foxtrot Media, you have a team that is monitoring your social media, Google and Yelp for questions, comments and reviews daily.

We are skilled at crafting responses and pride ourselves in knowing the important details about your business so that we can answer many questions with confidence and without having to bother your staff.

We have turned many sour reviews around into better reviews and loyal customers by responding promptly and professionally.