Social Media Management

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media marketing is a 24/7 - J.O.B.

This is very true and the reason we started our company over a decade ago.

We knew the work involved because we had been using social media marketing, email groups, blogs to market our own business since 1999. It was a ton of work, but it also brought massive return on investment. In 2010, we  knew other businesses could use our help. 

Let us do the heavy lifting.

We help you convert social media marketing into real business growth. Our social media services are designed to build lasting relationships with clients and prospects while saving you time, money, resources and a whole lot of frustration.

Social Media Strategy Development: This begins with an audit of what you’re already doing – and what your competitors are doing. Then, we identify your specific goals and use our years of experience to craft a comprehensive plan for your business.

Social Media Management: We manage the day-to-day tasks for you – daily updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and any other social media channel that will connect your business with your clients and prospects.

We use a software program that streamlines content development and sharing with our clients, making the approval process pain free. 

Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns: There is no better way to drive awareness and engagement than through creative ad campaigns. Gone are the days of depending on organic reach but that's okay. Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram are highly targeted and cost effective.

Lead Generation through LinkedIn and Email: This is a very effective strategy for business to business marketing where reaching the ideal target client is the ultimate goal. 

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